Madison Massara Leister

Madison Massara-Leister



Madison Massara-Leister is the Chief Operating Officer of TAD. She is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of TAD, ensuring they support the mission of connection, correlation, and collaboration for all aspects of the arts. Madison aids in the growth and success of the TAD vision by establishing the business strategy, creating an environment to connect its users. As a professional dancer with the Grand Rapids Ballet (GRB) for the past five years, and a ballet teacher, Madison understands the use of music and body movement to translate into artistic expression. She recognizes the need for collaboration with choreographers, symphonies, artists, stage crews, costume designers, and dancers believing TAD can provide the vehicle to unite all artists in creating a finished product. During her time with GRB , she witnessed that the arts have the ability to reflect and influence culture. Art gives hope to the people and Madison believes that TAD has the unique ability to unite artists from around the world of any background, who can come together, collaborate, and share the beauty of art through the various art forms.