Who We Are


TAD is a UK based media-sharing platform that is intended to provide
helpful and relevant content to users globally. It is an individual platform for diversified opinions where users can feel confident being their true selves. We believe art has the power to change the world as it can influence people’s opinion through aesthetic inspiration. With the vision of creation, correlation, and collaboration we want to connect every individual on the earth through art and the magic it can create.

Create and Publish Your Work

With TAD’s resources, publishing your latest work has never been easier. Whether you are wanting to share a complete work like a final edit of a music video, or the creative process of your latest project like a time lapse of a painting, you have the freedom to make your vision come to life. Your feed is easily accessible for you to edit to your personal style and free for the world to explore.

Collaborate with Artists

Interested in group projects? Looking for other artists to be a part of your creation? TAD gives you the access to artists of any field all around the globe to participate and bring your vision to life. Simply click on the profile of the person you are interested in working with, hit the collaboration button, and send a request with the project details their way. If the requested artist is interested in working with you, and they have the opportunity to view the details of the project, they can accept the collaboration, allowing the work to begin. Help expand the opportunities the arts world has to offer, and let the creation commence!

Discuss what matters in a Global Network

Interested in feedback from fellow artists? Would you like to have stimulating discussions about a range of topics, and how art has the impact to change the trajectory? Or would you simply like to discuss music, movie, or book recommendations? TAD has a topic section that enables users to connect worldwide on a variable range of discussion topics. Join in and connect on shared passions!

Bring your vision to life

Whether you are wanting to collaborate with artists on a project, or are just flying solo, TAD gives you have the ability to not only bring your vision to life, but to share it on a global scale. TAD believes in giving everyone an equal platform to share their voice no matter their background. The TAD feed is exactly that platform. The feed helps users to share their publications, giving the opportunity to express their views, and allows you to encourage fellow artists on their journey by appreciating a publication/sharing thoughts.

Enrich your mind by exploring new creation

Want to get involved in a new kind of art and not sure where to start? Through TAD’s high class and interactive interface we have made our application simple and user-friendly, enabling easy sharing of new creative content, and access to explore any kind of art that interests you. If you are not sure where to start you also have the ability to ask artists you follow for advice to help you get started. Life is about taking a risk, reaching out to others, and creating to lift the human spirit, so go for it.